The Lynch List, 13-Nov-2011

First: A complainant is alleging that Ryerson University has discriminated against her creed of “ethical veganism” when a professor wouldn’t allow her to do her Master’s in social work on oppression and systemic discrimination against animals. Apparently sociology is discriminatory because it only deals with humans.

But even more important, the reason she was rejected was because her chosen topic compares the suffering of animals to the historical suffering of minorities. This, in itself is dehumanizing and bordering on a hate crime, assuming it exists. But when asked if her topic is racist, she responded with the central tenet of the modern bigot:

In response to criticism equating humans with animals is a common racist trope, she said that she, as a racialized woman, cannot be racist.

“How am I being racist if ‘race’ is a part of my identity?”

How can we be ‘speciesist’ if ‘species’ is part of our identity? (Jonathan Kay has more)

Second: Howard Levitt uses the recent developments in the Herman Cain campaign to “out” the claim, repeated in the human rights industry, that a settlement doesn’t represent an admission of guilt. He describes the dillemma commonly facing employers when faced with baseless litigation or human rights complaints:

What is the employer’s choice? If they don’t settle the case, they invite litigation. If they settle, they risk what Cain is now enduring even if they are innocent. I suspect he wishes he had toughed it out, completed the investigation and been cleared.

Third: A man who suffers from multiple sclerosis has had his human rights complaint against the government thrown out. He was denied access and funding for a controversial procedure that applies venous angioplasty on the jugular veins. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has threatened to yank the licence of anyone who attempts the procedure. While I’m glad that the complaint was thrown out, I believe this should be a Charter challenge instead. Public rationing and restriction of health care stands perpetually in conflict with our Charter rights.

Fourth: Dear Toronto School Board: you know you’re pissing into the wind when even the Ontario Human Rights Commission won’t respond to your letter alleging homophobia.


4 Responses to The Lynch List, 13-Nov-2011

  1. Billy Ray says:

    Heh…. it’s pretty funny hearing someone who has dedicated their life to ensuring that employers can fire muslims and gays for being muslim or gay call someone else a bigot. Takes one to know one I guess.

  2. I guess none of your comments disparaging religion can be seen as discriminatory because you are a religious person too, right?

    As I’ve said from the beginning, the law should not prevent someone from acting in a bigoted manner with their own property. You, on the other hand, seem to be saying that you want ethical vegans thrown into prison when they compare animal suffering to racial oppression.

  3. Billy Ray says:

    Interesting interpretation. Since I am an ethical vegetarian, I’m not sure how you arrived there, but I digress.

    Oh, I have no problems with religion in general. Nor with Christianity. Which I why I tend to to put “Christianity” in quotes when I refer to whatever cess pool of bigoted believes you subscribe to.

  4. Here’s how I arrived there.

    You believe that “discriminatory speech” among private individuals is punishable by the state. Therefore, since a Jew would be offended by having their ancestors’ suffering compared to mistreatment of a cow, an ethical vegan should be prosecuted for uttering this sort of comparison.

    So you have no problems with the particular strain(s) of religion that you agree with? Earthshattering.

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