The Lynch List, 21-Nov-2011

Sorry for the hiatus…

First: Endorsements are pouring in for Bill C-304 that will repeal Section 13.

PEN Canada

The Justice Minister and by extension the entire Conservative government

Ezra Levant  (who did you expect? Bernie Faber?)

Over 20 Conservative members of parliament – apparently “unheard of” for a PMB

Conservative MP Blake Richards with a nice blurb

Second: Yes, the human right to taxi service strikes again.

D.A.R.T.S. is a not-for-profit organization that provides transit services only to individuals who require the use of a wheelchair, walker or scooter, require kidney dialysis or have Alzheimer’s disease. Hamiltonians with disabilities that don’t fit the service’s limited eligibility criteria may qualify for the Taxi Scrip program instead. But the alternative program, noted McCarthy Large, is not an affordable option given the distance she must travel on an almost daily basis.

Third: A Vancouver cop faces both criminal and human rights charges over his alleged shove to a disabled woman. In a show of magnanimity unlike most human rights tribunals, chair Berndt Walter has agreed that the Tribunal hearing, despite it “taking precedence over other enactments”, cannot proceed alongside a criminal trial for fear of violating the rights of the accused. Since when did a human rights tribunal consider the rights of the accused?

Fourth: When does the encouragement of racial diversity cross the line into anti-white racism? Immediately, in my opinion; any suggestion that “colored people” cannot accomplish the same things as white people is racism in my books – and so is the reverse

Fifth: Here’s a perfect example of what a human rights complaint does to the victim (respondent). First, it cost the city of Cornwall over $74,000 to prepare for the hearing. Then, six days before the hearing was to begin, the Tribunal informed the complainant that they couldn’t use their own lawyer due to a conflict of interest. That would mean additional costs of at least $100,000. Instead of paying to see justice done, the city pled guilty.

I’d call that a bludgeoning.


3 Responses to The Lynch List, 21-Nov-2011

  1. Billy Ray says:

    Haha….. can you believe that stupid blind idiot. Why doesn’t the old broad just stay couped up in her urine-soaked one room apartment like the disabled are suppose to? Am I right or am I right? Oh wait…. that apartment is probably some kind of social housing. So really she should be confined to her urine-soaked alley way until the private property owner has her ejected and jailed. Which is really the only moral outcome.

  2. Billy Ray says:

    Oh, and just so you are aware…. many people think that exposing students to a selection of people with a diversity of cultural backgrounds is of benefit to students by exposing them to different cultural traditions and people with different life experiences. And not because they think “colored people” can’t obtain jobs through merit. I know it must be difficult for a wingnut like you, completely sheltered from realtity by Fox News, Sun News and the Drudge Report, to accept that liberals find inherent value in diversity and don’t just believe in the inherent racial inferiority of non-white (like, for instance, Drudge and most of the people who appear on Fox News). Though I suspect that your real beef with diversity is the worry that some institutions, moving forward, will no longer be exclusively white, which is usual the worry of people motiviated in life primarily by white racial grievance, like you.

  3. The only statement worth responding to is your suggestion that “many people think that… diversity of cultural backgrounds is of benefit…”

    We’ll call them Group A. All the power to them. Yet there are some people – Group B – (and I am not one of them, but it’s irrelevant) who believe that in some circumstances uniformity of cultural background is of benefit. Why is Group A commended by the state and group B prosecuted?

    Second, “cultural diversity” isn’t the same as “racial diversity”. Yet the lazy categorists don’t want to start the laborious process of certifying cultures – it’s much easier just to judge people by the color of their skin.

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