The Lynch List, 23-Nov-2011

First: Hertz car rental company in the United States has recently had the gall to – gasp! – require their employees to clock out when they stop work for religious observances like prayers. This sort of religious oppression wouldn’t happen in Ontario, says a Toronto law firm (which, surprise surprise, is the very law firm at which Andrew Pinto works, the same Andrew Pinto that was asked by Ontario premier McGuinty to do a “thorough review” of provincial human rights legislation).

No, Pinto’s firm believes that prayers should be done on their employer’s dime. What’s next? Statutory holidays for Ramadan, Lent, and the Ten Days of Repentance, for adherents only?

Second: The Catholic Register comments on the impending (hopefully) demise of Section 13.

Third: Law firms are giving advice on the ramifications of the SCC decision prohibiting Tribunals from redefining “expenses” into including legal costs. Unfortunately, that advice includes capitulation:

Where a Tribunal cannot award legal costs but the employee is represented by counsel, settlement offers which include payments to legal costs can help to get the deal.


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