The Lynch List, 25-Nov-2011

First: There are so many things that could be said about this complaint, that I’ll just give you the facts and let you come up with something on your own.

Two women, one of whom could not be over the age of 19, tried to get tickets to a Lions Club fundraiser in Guelph, Ontario. The event featured strippers. They were denied tickets to the show, and have filed a human rights complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of sex.

Second: What else will the human rights system be used to do? I would think the question of whether the mentally disabled should be institutionalized or live in the community should be up to our elected representatives. Instead, it looks like the government of Manitoba is being strong-armed by a special interest group, through a human rights complaint, to de-institutionalize. Not only does this sidestep democracy, but it encourages governments to pass off necessary but politically risky decisions like this to unelected bureaucrats.

Third: The infamous “white police officers are all unconsciously racist” decision at the OHRT against Constable Michael Shaw is going to appeal, and the OHRC has come out guns a-blazing in support of the decision.  Why wouldn’t they? The decision creates a potential human rights complaint out of every single interaction between a white police officer and a person of color. Their intervenor factum is here.



One Response to The Lynch List, 25-Nov-2011

  1. Billy Ray says:

    A great victory down state-side:

    Now gays can be freely harrassed at work without fear, just as you are advocating for here. Congratulations! It’s only a matter of time before you can successfully force all teh gays out of the workplace!

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