The Lynch List, 29-Nov-2011

First:  It’s clear that the Tribunal cannot even be trusted to properly handle private medical records. And yet they have been entrusted with nearly unlimited powers to “remediate”. Go figure.

“It was my address on the front of the envelope, but they weren’t my documents. When I called them (the tribunal) they just wanted it swept under the rug and they wanted to send a courier to pick them up. They wanted to brush me off. They told me this person had been made aware of the mistake.”

Second: A local newspaper in a small hick town of BC (I used to live there) has been publishing op-eds by local criminology professor John Martin. They are routinely spot on. I guess a criminologist with common sense will always be relegated to the backwaters of academia.

So let me get this straight…

There is a fiscal crisis in the administration of justice. We don’t have enough judges, sheriffs or prosecutors to run the courts in an efficient manner. Consequently, charges are being thrown out and cases are being dismissed on account of the backlog.

Meanwhile we have the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal that prosecutes comedians, journalists and others who may have hurt some hyper-sensitive soul’s feelings.

Third: There is one very good exception to the principle of non-discrimination – when the human rights industry needs to increase its workload.

National security agencies should collect race-based and other statistics about their operations in order to track whether they discriminate on the basis of characteristics like race, disability, religious or ethnic origin, says the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Fourth: Geez, will this group of social conservatives ever grow a thicker skin? Kari Simpson appears to be emulating the lawfare tactics of the extreme left, but she’s not very good at it.

The BC tribunal refused to hear the complaint, saying internet publications fall outside its provincial jurisdiction. “Human rights complaints regarding internet publications are within federal jurisdiction,” the tribunal notes in its Nov 21 decision.

Fifth: Good news and bad news: Barbara Hall has been reappointed as head honcho of the OHRC for an “abbreviated” one-year extension.


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