The Lynch List, 5-Dec-2011

First: You’ve heard me talk about scope creep before – the HRCs know that the only way they can expand their mandate/budget/empire/power is if they gradually redefine the terms in the legislation that enables them. The latest is in relation to services provided by the school board.

Now you and I would probably surmise that the recipients of school services are the children. Not necessarily, says the HRTO, which has accepted a complaint by which a disabled parent is claiming she was discriminated against because the school didn’t give special transportation to her able-bodied children. Apparently it could be argued that schools are supplying a service to adults – childcare.

Second: It makes me uncomfortable to criticize parents of our heroes that have fallen in battle, but I have to shake my head at those who are launching human rights complaints in order to profit off the deaths of their children. After a single complaint was resolved through mediation, four more complaints have arisen, all asking for a $20,000 benefit that normally goes to the immediate family, if any, of a fallen soldier. Even worse, the possible outcome of a landslide in similar complaints is that the policy might get yanked – which means that the spouses and children of our fallen will be left out in the cold thanks to the avaricious human rights system and the greed of a few.

Third: A Tsawassen man believes Section 13 must be retained in order to, among other things, prevent abusive comments on Craiglist. Because sacrificing free speech to a qusi-judicial system staffed by moral busybodies is totally worth all the effort it would otherwise take to roll that mouse wheel with your index finger…

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