The Lynch List, 09-Dec-2011

First: One of two complaints against Oak Bay police department have been resolved. The Victoria-area police force arrived at a mediated settlement that is, surprise surprise, confidential. The allegations? All we’ve heard about are two relatively innocuous incidents – a male colleague with less seniority was promoted over her, and in a separate incident, she was told to “keep her mouth shut”. These probably netted her a five-figure sum in hush money. Too bad taxpayers have no right to know how much of their money is going to settle these frivolous complaints.

Second: A complaint before the CHRC has taken over two years, with nothing investigated to date. When contacted, the CHRC says that there are “eight complaints preceding” it, and that the investigation process “might be lengthy”.

Do you think the reason that the complaint is taking so long to get moving is that the complainants are “old, white males“?

Third: The Ottaw Citizen comments on the never-ending pendulum: First, Ontario under Mike Harris tries to crack down on a serious bullying problem with the Safe Schools Act. Then, the OHRC objects because too many black kids are getting suspended. Now, when bullying is on the rise again (thanks OHRC), the McGuinty government re-implements the Safe Schools Act with added lipstick and social-engineering components.

In a couple years, the OHRC will find that black kids are over-represented in the mandatory “anger management counselling” and this process will begin all over again.

Fourth: Ontario neighborhoods and stratas are starting to get creative on how to keep university student renters out of their boroughs. Students, of course, bring with them all sorts of undesirable behaviour, reducing property values and quality of life for the neighbors. But the OHRC has been harassing any strata or municipality that implicitly or explicitly prohibited students from renting in certain areas.

An Ottawa condo corporation is under fire for insisting that the units be rented only to single family units. Nice try. It didn’t take long for a complaint to be filed – discrimination based on family status, apparently.

Fifth: The CJC was one of the most ardent cheerleaders for Section 13. Now that it has been absorbed into the CIJA, and “Burny” Farber is no longer at the helm, their position on Section 13 has considerably softened. They have refused to take a position on Storseth’s private member’s bill at the present time. Good for them.


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