The Lynch List, 04-Jan-2012

A happy new year to everyone!

First: This is the real reason for Section 13: clubbing frail, elderly neo-Nazis when they say, “Zieg Hiel”:

On leaving the day-long hearing before Justice Richard Mosley of the Federal Court of Canada, counsel for one of the intervenors kindly held the heavy court room door open for an elderly gentleman, part of the group of senior individuals there to support Freedomsite webmaster Marc Lemire.  The lawyer was thanked with an outstretch arm and a call of “Zieg Hiel.”

Those who have read any of my posts know that I’m a staunch supporter of Israel and abhor anti-Semitism. Yet I fail to see why the German word for “victory” (which was used by the Nazis as a salute) uttered by an elderly man is injurious to anyone. Offensive, yes, injurious, no.

Second: I have nothing bad to say about Jeremy Dias and his foundation, Jer’s Vision, which includes a scholarship reserved for LGBT youth.  But I wonder if the human rights apparatchiks would have a problem with a similar foundation reserved for straight youth? Ya think?

Third: As I’ve discussed previously the Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed that the Human Rights Tribunal should not be used as an appeal body for other tribunals. In addition, administrative tribunals have the power – and duty – to examine human rights violations within the cases they deal with.

This doesn’t appear to be happening in BC for the case of Bryan James. The Residential Tenancy Board found that the trailer park that refused Mr. James’s application discriminated on the basis of disability. Higher courts affirmed this ruling. So why, then, is the case now in front of the BC Human Rights Tribunal for damages to “dignity”?

Fourth: Heh. When grammatically-challenged, hyper-aggrieved transsexuals are protesting the OHRT, you know that they aren’t that bad…

Fifth: For a little comic relief: Coupon Discrimination!

I wen to mcdonalds informing them of the wendys deal, and offering the zellers coupon. I made fuss and threatened to chain myself to the fake fireplace at Mcd’s unless they accepted the coupon and the manager came out and told me they accepted the coupon. I bought one for my wife, my 6 kids, my grandparents, my parents and my inlays. The manager told me I could only use one coupon. I phoned the canadian human rights commission to complain but they were closed already. I’m planning on taking up this issue with them in the new year, and mcdonalds head office, and I called all the local newspapers. I can’t believe the manager would be so rude to not take 18 coupons at once! I told him my great grandparents spirits live on within my heart, but apparently this doesn’t count as a customer in his eyes! My newborn son was denied using the coupon too!


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