The Lynch List, 12-Jan-2012

A short one today.

First: Good grief. A sliding scale of acceptable heart rate based on age is discriminatory, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ruled. A 64-year-old failed a fitness test for a city job twice, but launched and won a human rights complaint (costing taxpayers $45,000 for the award, not including legal costs). The grounds of discrimination was that a younger person has a higher acceptable working heart rate than an older person, a known physiological axiom to anyone who has taken Phys Ed 11. Next up: cardiac-challenged octagenarians in the military…

Another, even more tragic scenario – imagine the city being charged with negligence after being forced to hire a 89-year-old to shovel snow at the local hockey arena, causing cardiac arrest and death…

Second: The latest qualification for heading up a human rights commission? Trek to the north pole. In a wheelchair.

Third: 1001 examples of victimhood, #439: Denied entry to a university program? Claim age discrimination! After all, everyone is a member of an age group.


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