The Lynch List, 25-Jan-2012

First: The OHRT believes that some words are so offensive they should never be uttered, and those who do should be fined $5,000. The criminal is catering company owner John Graham, who used the term “faggot meal” to describe gluten-free cuisine. Oops, I just uttered it, didn’t I? As always, the only evidence necessary for conviction is hurt feelings, or as this tribunal member puts it, “confirming the applicant’s fears”. An excerpt from the judgment.

The reason these allegations… are relevant at all is that they relate to how the applicant perceived the word “faggot.” 

Whether or not he intended the word “faggot” to be a direct slight to the applicant, or was just an unfortunate choice of words spoken in anger, it had the effect of confirming the applicant’s fears about the respondent’s feelings about him as a gay man. 

Second: Is it just me, or are the heads of human rights commissions more prone to hasty stereotypes and generalizations than the general public? In comments about the complaint before the OHRT that would relegate all zoning authority to the OHRC, Barbara Hall believes that anyone who wants their municipality to retain control over their own zoning are selfish bigots who want to run the “undesirables” out of town:

“It’s very much a response to ‘We don’t want those people in our neighbourhood,'” she said.

…so her solution is to ram “those people” into the neighborhoods that supposedly don’t want them. All about reconciliation, aren’t we?

Third: It’s turning into a common theme in BC. Lesbian couple kisses in public. Lesbian couple launches human rights complaint for the very next event that adversely affects them. Next up: God is on the docket for turning the weather sour after two lesbians make out in Stanley Park…

Fourth: Brian Storseth sent out a letter to his constituents to drum up support for his PMB.

Fourth: Hmm, is the Individual Rights Party of BC the antidote to our inexorable slide towards dominance of group rights? Somehow I doubt it…


7 Responses to The Lynch List, 25-Jan-2012

  1. Billy Ray says:

    I would think you would be very interested in the Individual Rights Party of BC. As an anti-Muslim extremist yourself, their proposal for stripping Muslims of their civil rights seems right up your alley.

  2. Billy Ray says:

    Yes, the world would be a more just place if the hotel could have called the police as soon as the lesbians walked in, so that they could be refused service because of their sexual orientation, as would be the case in your anti-gay aparteid utopia.

  3. Billy Ray says:

    You know, it really is nice to know that the tide of public opinion has forever turned away from pro-apartheid bigots like you. And that in the near future, people like you will be viewed with the same degree of scorn and contempt that pro-segregationist are now.

  4. 1) We’ve already discussed the “Muslim” angle previously, in which you’ve agreed that my stance is removed from the FFOF readership, and is consistent with across-the-board religious freedom.
    2) Would the world be a more just place if an all-native basketball tournament could exclude a non-aboriginal from playing only because of his ancestry?
    3) Considering the overwhelming public support for Brian Storseth’s PMB, your elation is premature.

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  6. Billy Ray says:

    I couldn’t give two shits about sectino 13 of the CHRA. I am talking about your gay hatred and your desire to destroy all existing social institutions so that religious extremists like you can re-create the structures of anti-gay apartheid that Christians had kept in place for hundreds of years.

    We did discuss the Muslims angle. Although you hate Muslims, you reluctantly agree that the government should not openly discriminate against them, although your life’s work is devoted to making sure that private parties can exclude them from mainstream society.

  7. […] THE LYNCH LIST– The OHRT believes that some words are so offensive they should never be uttered, and those […]

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