The Lynch List, 12-Mar-2012

First: More reaction to the “I have a right to a parking spot wherever I darn well want it” complaint:

Michael Coren: “This is not abuse, you see, this is an inevitable use of the human rights commission…”

Rex Murphy: “Well, all of us know what a trauma it can be when one or more of your side-mirrors gets dinged…”

Ottawa Citizen: “One has to wonder if Howson didn’t choose the unusual route to solve her issue  because of her familiarity with the tribunal process…”

Second: While I certainly sympathize with the right-to-fooders, keeping hens in one’s city lot should not be a matter that invokes Charter protection. At least not until parental rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association are restored.

Third: The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission is sounding the alarm that there isn’t enough discrimination against those who cannot or will not bear children. Most employees cannot take a year off and expect their job to still be there when they get back; most people cannot get a job if they plan on taking an extended leave of absence within a few months of starting. To act all surprised that the employment market values pregnant women less than others, especially when the government piles on all sorts of extra obligations on the employer, is wilfull and egregious naivete.

Fourth: What? A human rights tribunal upheld the tyranny of their ideological cousins, public-sector unions? Say it ain’t so?

Fifth: “Discrimination still exists in Saskatchewan” says the Sask HRC. It must – or they would be out of a job. Somewhere, someone isn’t getting the “basic level of dignity and respect” that they deserve, which is all the justification required for their existence. After all, someone might get called a nasty name, get demoted at work, or get bounced from a nightclub – clearly grounds for an expansive bureaucracy!


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 12-Mar-2012

  1. Bubby says:

    You must be very pleased with teh new Arizona law under which employers may grill their female employees about their sexual habits so they can make a decision on whether they are virtuous enough to have birth control covered by their medical insurance. Got to love conservative “freedom”. Though this is just one step on the road to Christians attempting to re-instate their anti-women, anti-gay, anti-Muslim apartheid. Then you can rest easy knowing your job is done.

  2. Bubby says:

    “Somewhere, someone isn’t getting the “basic level of dignity and respect” that they deserve, which is all the justification required for their existence.”

    And your justification for this campaign to ensure that employers can fire employee based on their gender, sexual orientation, skin color or religion is to make sure that those your hate cult deems undesirable never receive a basic level of dignity and respect, right? Cause that sure seems like your goal.

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