The Lynch List, 11-Apr-2012

A couple of new cases for you today. Those human rights tribunals sure are looking out for our rights.

First: Protecting our right to pee on our employer’s property. A 70-year-old mining employee has bladder problems caused by a previous surgery, and can’t always make it to a bathroom in time. After other employees complained about having to work on urine-soaked equipment, he was reprimanded. He subsequently filed a complaint, alleging discrimination on the basis of disability.

I will give Tribunal chair Berndt Walter a bit of credit, here. He dismissed all aspects of the complaint that was based solely “he-said, he-said” evidence, properly identifying them as a waste of time and money.

Second: Protecting our right to have our packages delivered to our door. Actually, this isn’t a right for all humans, just those with chemical sensitivities. But the complainant doesn’t see it that way:

“Why should I have to suffer to get my mail? That should be a basic right for all Canadians.”

Third: You’d like to give our new Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition a clean slate. Maybe he will reverse his party’s longstand commitment to throw our fundamental freedoms under the bus in the name of “equality” or the new buzzword, “equity”. Oh, shoot, never mind:

As Québec’s Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, he introduced ground-breaking legislation, which included an amendment to Québec’s Human Rights Charter that created the right to live in a clean environment.

Fourth: Yet another disgruntled employee who was unhappy with being fired over her job performance. Oh wait – she’s a woman – so she can drag her employer through an expensive human rights complaint, and one appeal, and another…

Fifth: The Straight editorializes on the reasons why the BC Human Rights Commission should be reinstated – to get votes from women and homosexuals. That’s precisely the reason this big mistake was made the first time, vote-pandering…


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 11-Apr-2012

  1. Bubby says:

    Yes, it is quite true that human rights commissions are supported by gays and lesbians. After all, the alternative is your vision of going back to the days of anti-gay apartheid. You see…. it is only quite recently that the Christian genocide of gays and lesbians stopped, and only much more recently that the Christian-supported outlawing of their existence stopped, and yet more recently that our culture has begun to reject Christian hatred of gays and lesbians and started to permit them to have regular lives as full members of society. In many parts of the world, Christian supported genocide gays is becoming an increasing threat, such as in Uganda, where north american Christians have been agitating for gay genocide. Therefore, gays and lesbians see it as very important that they fight to keep these rights they have gained, despite opposition to anti-gay extremists like you who are fighting to re-establish anti-gay apartheid.

    See how that works? Its quite simple, really.

    Also…. I should wish your old personal blog was still around. I would have really likely to see you join in your white supremacist friends in the conservative blog-o-sphere in fighting to legalize the cold blooded murder of black teenagers. Surely your warped conception of “self-defence” extends to white people stalking and murdering blacks because they happened to be walking around minding their own business. That is about on par with your support for the ability of people to murder drug dealers in cold blood whenever they feel like it.

  2. Bubby says:

    “self-defence” watch:

    Since you have previously endorsed pre-mediated, cold-blooded murder that happens off of the murderers private property as self-defense, I was curious about your thoughts on this case. You seem to share his hysteria regarding the “Muslim threat”, so I would think you would approve.

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