The Lynch List, 25-Jun-2012

First: I can certainly sympathize with Mr. Maynard who was arrested by Ontario Police at gunpoint despite being completely innocent. Police were looking for a suspect with a very limited description – “young black man with a gun” – and instantly became suspicious of Mr. Maynard, who is young and black. But to award him $40,000 for his trouble is ludicrous.

I was once driving to work at 4 AM in a green Chevrolet car, only to have three police cruisers come out of nowhere and box me in at a train crossing. I was told to get out of the car and put my hands on the roof. I honestly couldn’t tell if the police had their guns drawn, but I doubt it. Nevertheless, it was a heart-stopping and borderline traumatic experience to be cornered like that. The police explained that they had two reports of attempted home invasions in my neighborhood with the suspect fleeing in a green car. Checking my driver’s licence and finding that I lived in the area (and that my engine was still cold as a stone) they let me go.

I thanked the officers – for doing what they could to keep my neighborhood safe. I have no reason to doubt that the officers in Mr. Maynard’s case were not seized by the same motive, the protection of the public.

Nevertheless, I guess I could have been $40K richer had I complained that they discriminated against me based on my car color.

Second: The Calgary Herald argues in favour of drug testing on the oilpatch, which is a no-brainer. However, their analysis of human rights precedents reveals a troubling inconsistency which may lead to unintended consequences:

…there is conflicting legal precedence as to whether recreational users are protected under human rights law. Persons with disabilities who become drug dependent are subject to human rights protection…

So if you test positive, the best way to save your job is to get addicted. Great message to be sending.

Third: BC has passed a reasonable law that provides persons who suffer long-term mental health effects from workplace bullying and harassment with redress from their employers. On face value, it seems to have appropriate safeguards from abuse, and requires considerable proof before a complaint can be substantiated. But there still remains a loophole. If you are a member of a “protected group”, you can have your case shifted to the Human Rights Tribunal, that operates under a drastically reduced burden of proof, a reversal of onus, and biased administrators with a track record of lunacy.

You would think that “equality” would mean that the law applies equally to everyone. Not in Canada.

Fourth: “Burnie” Farber comes to the defence of Richard Warman and Section 13:

Richard launched 16 cases that went to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT), virtually every one of those cases involved outright calls for genocide and/or ethnic cleansing.

Thing is, Mr. Farber, that we already have a law that bans speech inciting genocide and/or ethnic cleansing. Mr. Warman simply didn’t want to go through all the work of prosecuting his personal war through courts that actually respect the rights of the defendant and demand a substantial burden of proof.

Fifth: It’s coming! You are already a special person if you drink too much or pump too much poison into your veins. Soon you will be entitled to special rights if you eat too much.


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 25-Jun-2012

  1. Sammy says:

    You mean you think there should be no remedy for the police arresting and hauling off to jail a black man for the sole purpose of him being black? I’m suuuuuuper surprised.

  2. Sammy says:

    A couple of videos made me think of you this week.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the bullying on the bus one:

    But I thought you might want to take the opportunity to mock and berate the old lady yourself. As a pro-bullying activist, you must really be hating the blowback that those children have caused to your movement.


    This is a serious one to remind you of why gays and lesbians fight so hard for the right to live a normal life without being thrown out of restaurants or fired from their job because of their sexual orientation – because your religion has spent the last 200 years violently trying to wipe our their existence. Enjoy. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself for every second of each video. Because you should.

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