The Lynch List, 02-Jul-2012

Happy Canada Day!

First: Should taxpayer-funded Canadian universities be allowed to ban Falun Gong practitioners from employment? Of course not, you would think. Yet it happens. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, as state-sanctioned positive discrimination abounds in our halls of higher learning – why not extend it a little to get millions of dollars from Beijing?

And this is the predictable result of human rights codes and other statist initiatives that purportedly intend to stamp out discrimination – people lose their freedom while the government gains moral backing for its own discrimination.

Second: Toronto is attempting to argue in court that the human rights commissions and tribunals have no jurisdiction over municipal bylaws. It may be going out on a limb, but someone’s gotta do something to stop Barb from becoming the unelected mayor of every municipality in Ontario.

If the human rights hearing goes ahead it will open the door to more challenges by the Human Rights Commission, which has already signalled that it intends to go this route.

Third: I feel compelled to comment on the story of the elderly bus monitor who was bullied by students a short time ago. Compelled, because it proves several things that I have always been saying.

To begin with, Ontario’s Bill 13 would do nothing to protect this poor woman had this incident occurred in Ontario. The assumption within all recent anti-bullying legislation is that the victims of bullies are, or appear to be, gay. This woman was not gay, and therefore gets little or no sympathy from the backers of these sorts of legislation.

Next, would a human rights code have helped this woman if the bullying occurred in a district that had one? The woman was ridiculed over her son’s suicide, and her looks. None of that, on first glance, falls under any of the human rights victimhood classes, so this sort of behavior is just peachy from a human rights perspective.

Finally, let’s look at the response that this poor woman got from society. Did she get back at them with a human rights complaint? Did a taxpayer-funded bureaucrat make everything all better? Did some government agency step in over the school administration’s head and extract thousands of dollars from the kids’ hide for “injury to dignity, feelings, and self-respect”? No. Instead, society responded like it should have. The boys were suspended from their school by the administration. A Toronto man raised over $500,000 for the woman, all of it voluntarily given, so that she could “take a nice holiday” (the original goal was $5,000). Many other individuals and groups, without any compulsion of a Tribunal or nasty letter from Barbara Hall, are honoring this woman in whatever way they can, and expressing their derision for the bullies.

That’s how bullying should be handled.


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 02-Jul-2012

  1. Sammy says:

    The assumption in recent anti-bullying legislation is not that all bullyling victims are gay. It is that gay and lesbian students are victims of bullying in massively disproportionate numbers. Which is true. And so since it has been identified as such, governmetns are taking action to counter this particular aspect of bullying, in combination with other actions. And you oppose this type of action because you don’t give a shit that gays and lesbians are bullied to the point of suicide every day. You do this because your hate cult teaches that gays are subhumans that deserve an eternity of pain and suffering in hell. And you believe that it is the very definition of love and justice that gays spend an eternity burning in hell. And that is why you are a disgusting human being and why government see the need to counter the attitudes of hate and bigotry taht your hate cult teaches by attempting to create school environments where every student is treated with a minimum amount of rsepect and dignity. And you oppose that.

    And yeah… its super that this particular victim of bullying received contributions and that the bullies were disciplined. This happens in the extreme minority of bullying cases. Most suffer in silence. And you are working to keep it that way.

  2. Sammy says:

    It’s also odd that you know so little about human rights law even though you write about it obsessively. Human rights laws are meant to apply to discrimination in the workplace, housing and rental market and the provision of goods and service to the public. It is not meant to cover situations like this and no one is suggesting that it does or should apply to the bus incident. So yes, from the perspective of human rights legislation, this incident is “peachy” (ie. the legislation does not apply).

    It’s also weird to hear you cheer on people who are expressing their derision for the bullies. If the woman had tried to bring a human rights complaint, then these bulies would have joined the list of your heros such as guy earle, your very favourite bully.

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