The Lynch List, 09-Jul-2012

First: Equality of Opportunity is a much-abused buzz-statement. I have argued in the past that this is a codeword for Equality of Outcome, and been criticized for it.

A new report from the CHRC analyzes the “equality of opportunity” for the disabled, their key findings reported that the disabled are less likely to have less net worth and median household income. Those sound like outcomes, not opportunities, to me. In addition, they assessed whether the disabled were as likely to complete a university degree, hold a full-time job, have a work-supported pension, use technology, feel like they are socially included, and have comfortable housing. Even obesity is part of “equality of opportunity”.

Equality of opportunity is a Trojan Horse to usher in equality of outcome, which cannot exist together with equality under the law. They are mutually exclusive.

Second: Another T-shirt flap, only this one is at a completely different venue: the workplace. The content of the “Life without Jesus is wasted” t-shirt that William Swinimer wore to his high school, and the “Legalize Gay” t-shirt that Heidi Carrier wore to her workplace, are approximately in the same league. Both express a deeply held belief, a call to act, and an insinuation that opposing beliefs are wrong-headed. Both could be offensive to some people, and neither is obscene.

But the main difference between the two scenarios is the context. A school is a public institution that theoretically exists solely for the benefit of the public, whose rules, and the application of them, should be subject to scrutiny by the public that foots its bills. A business is a private entity that exists for the profit of the owner. He has every motivation to ensure a harmonious workplace and an environment most appealing to customers. Nobody is forced to work at the business, and the taxpayer is typically not exposed to its costs or business risks. If Ms. Carrier doesn’t like the application of the company’s dress code, she is free to look for work elsewhere – the company owes her nothing.

Third: I couldn’t resist. Since property rights are essentially ignored in Canada’s “human rights” landscape, it’s poetic justice that our Human Rights Museum was burglarized.

Fourth: Some good commentary on the case involving the wrongful arrest of a black man – acting “reasonably under the circumstances” is not a defence any longer in the human rights tribunal.


47 Responses to The Lynch List, 09-Jul-2012

  1. Sammy says:

    Oh noes! So disabled people are no longer destined to spend their livse in abject poverty. That is truly terrible. If only we would implement your twisted vision of society they would surely go back where they belong in the gutters and run-down long-term stay motels of the world.

  2. Sammy says:

    You are probably the only person on earth hateful, small and petty enough to lament the results of that analysis.

  3. Sammy says:

    Thought I’d bring this article to your attention:

    It involves a bar owner with a habit of throwing out black customers for being black. So you will likely want to start making a hero out of him. Although the article appeared in the white supremacist magazine Taki’s, so you’ve likely already read it.

  4. Sammy says:

    More heros for you. This time, big corporations who are exercising their freedom of conscience by denying services to Canadians and Americans with Iranian heritage:

    You will probably especially like these companies now, as it is your deserve to impose a private apartheid on Muslims (and gays) that most drives your pro-discrimination activism.

  5. Sammy says:

    You know, it makes you a particularly cowardly scumbag that you never actually engage with the inevitable consequences of your activism.

  6. Sammy says:

    Tea partier types demand Tennessee governor stop hiring Muslims and gays:

    They really sound like your type of people. If Tennessee passed a law forbiding the employment of Muslims and gays, would you move there?

  7. Sammy says:

    My alternative headline: “Christian Bigots to Become New Martyr-Heroes to Pro-Discrimination Movement”–gay-couple-wins-human-rights-battle-after-reservation-cancelled-at-christian-b-b

    Are these friends of yours?

  8. Sammy says:

    This guy a friend of yours Scary?

    He sure hates multi-culturalism. He would fit right into the Canadian conservative blogosphere.

  9. Jim-Bob says:

    You must be really happy about this one:

    As an ardent anti-multiculturalist (ie. someone who believes that the government should actively destroy non-white cultures in Canada), you must have been very angry about the prospect of an asian appearing on our currency. So you must consider it a huge win that she was replaced with a white person.

  10. The LS from SK says:

    You realize that the forces of letfist evil are driving you away?

    Your exposure of the silly HRC and their anarchist enablers was pretty damn good.

    One can only hope that someone makes a link from the ARA/ARC to Islamic terror.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      Oh noes! The evil leftists are using nasty words against you in your fight to make sure employers can fire people for being black or gay! How super evil of them. Everyone knows that baby Jesus was a libertarian who wanted the right to fire his apprentice carpenters for being teh negroes.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      Hey The LS from SK… with regards to your last point there, do you think that Jennifer Lynch is Muslim-y enough to pass the conservative threshold for beign eligible for torture? Also, when baby Jesus comes back, will he torture Muslims himself, or will he delagate that to employees (non-gay or black ones, mind you)?

  11. The LS from SK says:

    Jennifer Lynch has resigned for medical reasons. Her position is up for competition LOL.

    The a/commissioner David Langtry has flown weekly from Winnipeg to Ottawa where his JOB is at our expense. I doubt he has broader interests at heart. Eating, drinking and living in hotels at our expense can be soooo taxing.

    I take it that you are anti-Christian?

    • Jim-Bob says:

      So does that mean you don’t think that she should be tortured because she already left the job? That doesn’t seem consistent with the way that conservatives have cheered on the torture of Muslims suspected of terrorism…. after all, they also were no longer at their “jobs” when being tortured. Under torture, she might give up some valuable information regarding the link between human rights commissions and Islamic terror. Don’t you think?

      I’m not anti-Christian at all. I was just asking a legitimate question about whether Jesus will be the one personnally torturing Muslims and other non-believers after the tribulation. You suggested that I applied a value judgment to Jesus’ desire to have all who don’t submit to him live in eternal fire and pain. How do you know I don’t think that Jesus’ thirst for blood is justified?

      • The LS from SK says:

        No Jim-Bob – she is responsible for all wrong doing that happened under her watch. As will Langtry and staff including “consultants”

        As to Muslims – there have been NO persecutions or actions against them for any actions under human rights legislation. A public inquiry will establish that “link”.

        Criminal and terrorist acts are quite another matter.Possibly they were “…no longer at their jobs” because they held valuable real estate in Gitmo.

        • Jim-Bob says:

          And by “wrong-doing” I assume you mean the legal application of the democratically enacted statute under which the human rights commission was established, right?

          Second paragraph – what the f@$% are you even talking about? Slow down, take a deep breath and re-write something coherent in place of that paragraph. What exactly are you proposing a public inquiry investigate?

          Oh…. you mean the hundreds of people rounded up and subjected to torture without any due process to establish their wrong-doing that blood-thirsty conservatives like you cheered on simply because they were muslims?

        • Rusty says:

          It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exrstpiee.

  12. The LS from SK says:

    Richard aka Jim-Bob,

    This not wrong doing requiring an inquiry?

    Legal application?

    • Sammy says:

      Sorry LS from SK, I am not part of that tiny bubble within the right-wing extremist blogosphere for which any action by the commission is automatically as bad as the holocaust. You will have to be much more specific about what you consider wrong about that decision. I know the kind of mulsim eliminationist activist that Scary loves get their pants in knot about section 13…. but at the time of that decision it was valid law and it commission had a legal duty to enforce it. If they did not apply it correctly, there is an existing process of judicial review available. In what possible way should that decision give rise to a public inquiry?

    • Sammy says:

      Or are you really just upset about the decision because it was you writing about your desires to ethnically cleanse Canada of various minorities?

  13. The LS from SK says:

    Sammy/Billy-Bob aka richard,

    Rethink your last statement as it falls into the area of LIBEL as you should well know!

  14. The LS from SK says:

    BTW BB/sammy – read Baglow (aka Dr.Dawg) vs. freeDominion and Warman vs. Freedominion as well as kinsella’s threats to sue Skippy.

    Unless I see a written apology here – since Scary appears no longer in charge of this website, I will be proceeding to obtain your name and address so as to serve you.

    What goes around comes around.

    • Sammy says:

      Haha…. easy there gun-slinger. T’was a question not a statement. A simple “no” would suffice.

      Ps. Libel require that someone’s reputation is tarnished. You are an anonymous commenter with no name attached and no reputation on a blog no one reads who was posed a question. Think real hard before you spend $20,000 on a vexatious lawsuit that would result in no damages owing even if you won. But since you won’t, I would most certainly be demanding costs.

    • Sammy says:

      Btw…. you still have not stated what wrong-doing Lynch committed in the case you linked to. You have publicly accused a public figure of some impropiety in respect of a specific administrative decision. Scary also accused lynch of “unlawful” behaviour. Maybe Ms. Lynch would like to know about your accusation of wrong doing with respect to that case? After all, she is person with an actual public reputation….

  15. The LS from SK says:

    Sammy/Bob – how is your head this am? See this h/t FFoF.

    “Sometimes the inefficiencies of the Canadian ‘justice’ system are a good thing

    By Kathy Shaidle on Friday, September 7th, 2012 | No Comments

    Criminal Case against Terry Tremaine for Spreading “Hate” – STAYED by Sask Court:

    This is good news to all freedom-loving Canadians who are disgusted by the state censoring non-violent opinions on the internet.

    The case against Mr. Tremaine was under Canada’s notorious criminal “hate law” (Section 319 of the Criminal Code) which criminalize certain types of speech – generally at the behest of special interest groups and serial complainers.

    Now it is time to get rid of the Criminal prohibition against so-called “hate” speech. It is an unreasonable limit to freedom of expression in Canada, and has been shown over the last 20 years of the operation of the criminal “hate law” – it has been used almost exclusively to target a certain type of speech, which is only ever applied against one racial group – white Canadians.

    Muslim imams who preach hate to hundreds in a Mosque or on the Internet – are totally free to do as they please with little interference of the busy-body hate crime units across Canada.

    Instead the police hate crime units across Canada, are busy posting an avalanche of hate speech themselves in an effort to drum up business for themselves.

    • Sammy says:

      Yes, Kathy Shaidle is very, very interested in the overwhelming oppression of white people, and of ensuring that white people are able to spread hatred of minorities without fear.

      She and you are both very interested in making sure it is legal to say things like (quoting from the case you linked to as an example of things that should not be prohibited by law):

      “We have to fight! Otherwise the world we know will disapear and our race wil be slaughtered!”

      “There is a cure for Homosexuality – It’s Aids.”

      “Perhaps we should discuss the benefits of Eugenics.” [with respect to “Mongoloids”]

      “What defence could our 80,000 man army mount against the one million gooks living in Canada? Sars was just a test!”

      Now, these statements come pretty close, in my humble opinion, to advocating ethnic cleansing. The last statemetn in particular contemplates an 80,000 strong army of white people going to war against the civilian Chinese-Canadian population. You seem very strongly to believe that these types of calls to race war should be legal. Maybe you could help us all out and explain why it is so important that there be no restrictions on the open advocacy of genocidal race wars. (and ps. I certainly accept that it was not you who said those things if that is your position.)

  16. The LS from SK says:

    Now, now dear Richard – the quotes you reposted are not from me nor her. Do you endorse those filthy views are you playing aka entrapment? Clearly after your prominent role in the abolishment of Sec. 13 (1) you must be trying for a resurection????

    Please tell me you are not going on other sites in yet another false persona.

    God – if all life was so simple as you! Best to Lise – hope you have libel insurance because ADAs are not protected persons..

    • Sammy says:

      Do you even read what you are posting you moron? Those quotes came from the human rights commission case you linked to as an example of wrong-doing committed by Jennifer Lynch. I did not say that you or Kathy Shaidle wrote those things (although it is not hard to find racist garbage that Kathy Shaidle did write). Those are the words that were the subject of a human rights complaint. You have been arguing (by linking to that exact case), that those things should not be prohibited by law. Did you know even read teh case you linked to? Do you have even the most basic knowledge about this subject, or do you just have your panties in a knot because a bunch of right-wing bigot bloggers told you that you should?

      Let’s try one more time. You specifically linked to a human rights case in which a website contained postings advocating a race war against certain minorities, and you said the case was an example of wrong-doing on the part of Jennifer Lynch. Would you like to clarify how exactly that case constitutes wrong-doing on the part of Lynch, or would you rather keep ramblimg incoherently about how I’m secretly Richard Warman implementing a massive conspriacy to make conservatives look racist?

    • Sammy says:

      Can I have a quick clarification from you LS from SK? I think I already know the answer, but I thought I’d give you an opportunity to speak your mind. Who is a greater danger to society: (i) Richard Warman; or (ii) a whole web community of white supremacists advocating for a genocidal race war against asians?

  17. The LS from SK says:

    Dear Sammy,

    (i) ‘It’ is a non-entity now but like the Black Blok-heads will be replaced. And in fact, in reviewing the whole bizarre situation,one of the CHRC “friends” is now a practicing lawyer in Toronto (where else) going against the government-at taxpayer expense of course.

    Why because some basic knowledge (on the part of serial and non-practicing lawyers) of the law can be dangerous in clogging the courts.

    But you really need to get your spell check in place and as far as I know “Asians”- other than illegals – are not part of the DND agenda.

    Thanks for your additional posts suggesting that I am mentally defective. Adds to the damages.

    To help you in your quest for truth – read Nuremberg and collective responsibility. See why the RCMP replaced heads of agency. More to come.

    Nice you have occupied Scary’s site. You get paid for this?

    See ya bubba

    • Sammy says:

      Wow…. that was even less coherent than your previous posts. Although quite funny that you think me calling you a moron is legally actionable.

      But after that last post, I’m not sure “moron” is a strong enough word for the depth of your stupidity. I’ll see if I can try to think of something that truely captures just how dumb and ramblingly incoherent you are. And then after I call you that mean, nasty name, you can change your diaper, ask mommy for a new lollipop and cry your way to your lawyer’s office like the insecure, little baby you are.

    • Sammy says:

      Uh oh….. I seem to have found some case law online that indicates that there actually is a legal cause of action called “hurting little baby’s precious fee fees”. The plaintiff won damages in excess of $10,000 after the defendant called him a “meanie pants” and said he had a “stupid face”. You may wish to site this case in lawsuit against me for calling you a moron.

      Bwahahahaha…… you moron!!!

      • The LS from SK says:

        Love little wanabe law students!

        Check a real case and see where Richard is sueing someone for calling him “a”…HOLE,. Stunned I tell youse–stunned.

        Send me the link as you appear to have not cited it.

        Bad!!! You get a 0.

        • Sammy says:

          Please explain how that information makes you any less of a moron. Oh, and you are also an asshole. Sue me for that too, moron. Bwahahahahahaha!!!! I can only hope your level of intelligence is typical of conservatives….. if it is, the future of this country is very liberal indeed.

        • Sammy says:

          ps. do you sleep with a life-sized richard warman blow-up doll? You seem to have a very unhealthy obsession with the man. It’s as if your life is like that scene in Being John Malkovich where John Malkovich goes into the wormhole to his own head and sees everyone with a John Malkovich head, except for you, everyone around you has a richard warman head.

        • Sammy says:

          Oh sorry…. maybe I should re-phrase that as a statement so that you can use it to you me….

          I know as a statement of fact that random internet commenter LS from SK lives his life as if he has gone down a Being John Malcovich-like wormhole, except he sees everyone as Richard Warman.

          Hahahaha….. moron.

  18. Sammy says:

    This one made me think of you Scary:

    This guy seems like the type of guy you would love to mock and belittle. Plus, there are two overlapping stories that you love: ensuring that there is no action taken by school administrators to curtail bullying of gays, and pretending that asking a school to apologize for printing “fag” about one of their students is somehow a freedom of speech issue.

  19. Sammy says:

    Another one for you Scary:

    If there is anything Kathy Shaidle is good for, it is for exposing the underlying racism, bigotry or just plain casual hatred behind conservative/libertarian policies. She is probably teh only person that has as much contempt for the disabled as you do, simply because they want to be able to access businesses like everyone else. Wait…. that’s probably not true. I’ll bet most conservative/libertarians hate disabled people because they hate people generally.

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