We’re one out of 1200.

Jennifer Lynch just so happens to be the head of one of the most corrupt bureaucracies in Canada. She also happens to be keeping an enemies list, of twelve hundred people, who have criticised said corrupt bureaucracy. And from thence was born this blog; a gathering place of opinion and information on not only Jenny’s Nixon list, but on Jennifer Lynch herself.

Jenny Lynch doesn’t like having people criticizing her? Well, let’s up the ante, shall we?


3 Responses to About

  1. Don Sharpe says:

    To my MP Lee Richardson: Fire Jennifer Lynch!

    I called Lee’s Ottawa office this morning and left a message with his assistant, Jeff Henwood.

    The message: Fire Jennifer Lynch!

    Jeff’s no stranger to the issue, he spoke knowledgeably on the subject of the controversy surrounding the CHRC, and stated that repealing sec. 13 of the act was being given serious consideration. But that’s not enough.

    Supreme Leader of the CHRC Jennifer Lynch has been having a ‘running gun battle’ in the National Post with Ezra Levant and MP Russ Hiebert. Having been shot several times with the truth, she refuses to die!

    As ‘Fuhrer’ of a gang of criminal conspirators, she’s time and again lied to Canadians about the activities of her repulsive staff.

    I’ll follow this phone conversation up with a letter, confirming the clear message that all of us who believe in the Canadian ideals of freedom of speech can send:

    Fire Jennifer Lynch and her whole staff. Fire. Them. All.

  2. Jim fisher says:

    A shot in the dark! I,m trying to get in touch with Al Siebring. I am on the board of what was Ken Campbells’ non-profit assn. If you have hint as to his tel# or email I would really appreciate it! Jim Fisher

  3. Jessie Bell says:

    Dear admin, I would like to contribute the content about the way American and Canadian top politicians have robbed North American gamers of both Canada and US during recent poker crackdown in North America? We are talking about stealing billions of dollars!!!

    I would say that it’s definitely the prime time crime! I am really furious, because I lost my money as well!! I want to tell
    the world about what really happened during this crackdown.
    Please, drop me a line if interested.

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