‘3 to the chin’

June 30, 2009

Blazing Cat Fur notes Kommissar Lynch getting hit with a triple whammy: Gay rights organization, conservative pastor agree on ‘merit’ of human rights commission

(who’d a thunk THAT?)

Canadian human rights commissioner has free expression wrong (by Janet Keeping, President, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership)


Rights Commission Threatens Our Liberty (The Montreal Gazette)

Section 13-licious!


On another note, I found this amusing website.  So get yer Lynch Mob goose and duck calls right away. I’m thinking there’s some rich irony desperate to break loose, here.

Rights commission threatens our liberty


Today’s Lynch List

June 30, 2009

Here are a few things Lynch-related, on- and off-line, that I’ve been able to find for today.

First of all, as my compatriot(ess) Theodensdaughter has already noted, the Be Mean To Jennifer Lynch t-shirt contest has denounced its winners. Blazing Cat Fur, the contest administrator, has all the details:

Denouncing the Winners in our “Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch” T-Shirt contest!enemies of the state.

First off, thanks to all who participated or even thought about it. We hope you enjoy your new status as


Lucas Timmons is declared Thought Crime Enemy of the People No. 1. PS. Lucas if you sign the “letter” you may wear your new T when we update your file photo – Best wishes Jennifer.

After the obligatory show trial our winners were chosen:

For the hateful slogan – “This T-Shirt exposes Jennifer Lynch to hatred and contempt”



The 2nd place entry, “The CHRC: Only Jennifer Lynch Knows The Safe Words” was submitted by Dyspeptic Mutterings, currently serving a sentence of external exile in

Our 3rd Place finisher submitted “Jennifer Lynch has convicted you of thought crime for reading this T-Shirt” His or her identity is currently a state secret. At least until we locate the mass grave and the rest of the family is rounded up, whichever comes first.

Honourable Mention goes to Black Mamba who receives extra rations for his entry – “Jennifer Lynch wants to ban this T-Shirt”


Order here.

The winning slogans are the 1st items being offered for sale to the general public in our “Jennifer Lynch Line of Censorware Apparel” – Fashion that speaks your mind.

All Three T’s are available for $20 each plus applicable taxes – incl. FREE shipping in US/Canada — in the usual color combos –

Special thanks to our sponsor Alexander of Hollywood who has kindly offered to furnish the winners with the following reward for their efforts.Gallery!

Each of of Top 3 Finishers will receive a Silk Screened Alexander of Hollywood T-Shirt with their Slogan Immortalized.

1st Place receives 3 T-Shirts – useful for bartering in the camps!
2nd Place receives 2 T-Shirts – think layering where you’re goin
3rd Place receives 1 T-Shirt – be grateful your remains might be located

Head on over to Alexander’s and check out his

Also, the inestimable Wally Keeler puts together his charges against Jennifer Lynch, and Ezra Levant remains hopeful that the the Ontario PC candidate race in general, and Tim Hudek’s win in particular are good signs for HRC reform. The Montreal Gazette has a great piece up, which you might be interested in checking out – ‘Rights commission threatens our liberty’ – and Janet Keeping of the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership has a piece up at Troy Media Corporation which is also worth a read – ‘Canadian human rights commissioner has free expression wrong’.

And finally, Scaramouche has found a song for any Jenny season – She’s got a little list:

Of some day it may happen that a victim must be found,

I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list.
Of society offenders who might well go underground,
And who never would be missed, who never would be missed.
There’s pestilential nuisances–those bloggers on the ‘Net,
And blabbermouths like Ez and Steyn who write stuff they’ll regret.
All those who say rude things and whose attacks are oft ad hominen.
All those who think that censorship is still a strange phenomenon.
And all “Islamophobes” who aren’t multiculturalist
They’d none of ‘em be missed, they’d none of ‘em be missed.
Chorus of apparatchiks:
She’s got ‘em on the list;
And they’ll none of ‘em be missed,
They’ll none of ‘em be missed…


Tongue Tied 3 – Canadian “Human Rights” boss exemplifies what she is denying

The International Free Press Society – Ezra Levant: Jennifer Lynch’s rage-filled speech in Montreal

Kevin Kindred – Lover of Free Speech and Lover of HRCs

June 30, 2009

Are They Compatible?

[ ED NOTE: mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog was kind enough to allow me to publish this essay, which will soon be available on his blog, as well. [ UPDATE: here it is. ]

Kevin Kindred is a lawyer in Nova Scotia, who calls himself an activist, and is a Director and spokesman for the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project.

I do not know Kevin Kindred personally, having only come across his opinions in the blogosphere and through an opinion piece that he submitted to the National Post. His article starts: ” I have a lot of love for human rights commissions in Canada. As an activist working toward equality on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, I know the human rights system.”

At this point, I thought this was a propaganda piece from Jennifer Lynch, and almost stopped reading.  I was ready to label him a wing nut, but read further. Reading to the end and then seeing his comments over on Walker Morrow’s new blog and particularly to this piece I developed at first a grudging respect, a brief flirtation with Grrrrr, and then concluded that I could get to like this guy, even though we are sexually incompatible (with all due respect to both Kevin and my wife). He writes with respect, and even a touch of humour, even when disagreeing with others, and that gets my attention, and my ear.

It seems here that there is a gay man active among gay people, and interested in promoting equality for gay people in Canadian society. We would probably disagree on the right to marry, because I do not think that is about equality, but this it not a debate at the moment anyway. However, in general, I bet that we are pretty much in agreement about human rights issues for people in Canada. I personally do not separate gay people from non gay people, because in my world, we all deserve to be treated equally. I am a little old school, more Charter of Rights and Freedoms type.

I find it interesting that Kevin Kindred sees Ezra Levant as an enemy.  He has definitely been reading propaganda from Jennifer Lynch for bedtime reading.  From my viewpoint, Ezra is probably Kevin’s best friend in the human rights world, more so than Jennifer.  Kevin has stated in Walker’s blog comments that “I don’t just take every criticism Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn cook up at face value.” There he and I agree. I research them myself, and find that Mark Steyn is a journalist and has only scratched the surface of the problems with the HRCs, though scratch it effectively he does. Ezra is digging much deeper and unearthing more and more junk every day.

Kevin, there will never be equality for gay people in a system that inherently treats the rights of people in a hierarchical manner.  If all person’s rights are not of equal value, in free speech, employment, housing, including the right to choose whom one employs or rents housing to, based on beliefs and values, then we will never have a society where there will be mutual respect for each other.

I think Kevin Kindred would be an interesting person to have a dialogue with because I am not comfortable with holding a position based on one sided arguments. Having studied several cases in some depth and read what I have tested myself to be very accurate reporting of the same and other cases by Ezra Levant and others, I am pretty sure that Kevin Kindred is blowing smoke when he said in the National Post about Ezra Levant: “He’s using his newfound platform to unfairly attack, ridicule and distort the work of human rights commissions. He won’t stop until there’s nothing left of the system that is so vital in the protection against discrimination.”  It’s this kind of comment that got me asking him in Walker’s blog if he wasn’t really Jennifer Lynch in drag.  He assured me he wasn’t, and I believe him.

I would like to hear Kevins Kindred’s expansion on Ezra unfairly distorting the work of human rights commissions, and I would like to understand how they are so vital in the protection against discrimination.   I don’t see it, or believe it, but am open to hearing a dissenting opinion. I have read enough facts from cases to believe that Ezra is speaking the truth, not distorting it. Certainly, there could be more.

On the other hand, I have not read anything that Jennifer Lynch has said lately that leads me to believe that she is doing anything but managing her version of the truth to her own purposes.  Take for example the Pearl Eliadis comment distortion.   I am open to hearing the veracity of some of her statements where they conflict with the Levant version of same.


Tough shirt(s)

June 29, 2009


Ha! Blazing Cat Fur has declared the winners of the “Be Mean To Jennifer Lynch” T-shirt contest — hurry on over and order your version of your favorite slogan!

My fave: “Jennifer Lynch has convicted you of thought crime for reading this T-Shirt”

The Daily Lynch List

June 29, 2009

Now the time of day has arrived for me to point out a few of the places on and off-line where our dear Jennifer Lynch is being mentioned.

First of all, did you know that there is another Jennifer Lynch who just so happens to be a film director? Isn’t that just a tad ironic?

Second of all, The Phantom Observer has a poll up, asking who you would like to see debating Jennifer Lynch – that is, if she were willing to have a debate at all. As Blazing Cat Fur said, it’s too bad that there’s no addendum to any of the voter options, making jello wrestling a mandatory part of said debate. I’d totally vote for that.

Meanwhile, the fine folks over at MooseandSquirrel.ca say to Jennifer Lynch that ‘this is how you deal with “hate speech”‘, and Shooting Star asks, are you in the Lynch files?

Also see:

Post-Darwinist – Intellectual freedom in Canada: What goes around comes around

I’m Feeling a Little Discrimination Today… Fix That Please Ms. HRC

June 29, 2009

[ED NOTE: I asked mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog if he would be interested in supplying a few posts to The Lynch Files Mob, and he has graciously obliged. This is his first piece, which will soon be available at his site as well. ( UPDATE: here it is ) ]

I was born in 1950.  My father was a Spitfire pilot in the Big War, and came back home in the mid 40’s somewhat physically disabled, before that was understood.  He had married my mother before he went, and she worried her way through the war, as many others did.  Her father , though aged, served in the merchant marine during the war, giving her and her own mother more to worry over.  As well, my grandfather, being of Irish descent, had a fondness as many do for the drink.  He wasn’t an alcoholic officially, because he didn’t go to meetings, but he could have qualified.  In an alcoholic household suppression of expression of emotions, particularly those that could be considered to be negative becomes the rule of the day because you cannot risk offending the potentially volatile alcoholic.  My mother was the second of 3 daughters, and it usually happens in the families of alcoholics that the middle child also becomes an enabler.

So, my parents settled in London where my father went to university and started to work in a small business he ran from the house, before that was fashionable.  In 1950 I was born and my sister came along in 1953.  That makes me … old, and my sister … oldish.  Our lives seemed normal to us, because it was the only ones that we knew.  Here’s where the enabler part of our mother kicks in.  Our father’s health deteriorated, and he spent considerable time in the veteran’s hospital here in London, no in and out in a day like now.  For us as kids, life was confusing without our dad, and our mother basically taught us not to feel our emotions.  She had many tools at hand, shame being a particularly good one.  I remember particularly this one that she hit us with.  We were raised in a Catholic home so she would say to us: “Anger is a sin.  Good Catholic boys and girls don’t get angry.”  Wow! What a heavy burden for little kids to bear.

The point is that I entered adulthood and up until the few years or so had very immature emotions.  My wife on the other hand, has a strongly developed emotional maturity.  Boy, did we clash, until I finally got it.

Life for me was very fact based, or so I thought.  I remember saying to her during one battle we had almost 7 years ago:  “Don’t give me this emotional Bull Sh?t.  Give me some facts.”  At the time she called me an arrogant a??hole, and she was right. 

If I was going to have a better life, and have a marriage at all, I had to get in touch with my emotions.  I had no idea what I really felt about anything.  It took a ton of therapy for me to get to a place where I understand where emotions come into the fabric of my life, and what part they play in my decision making on a day to day basis.  I realised a lot of things about feelings that I believe are important for me, and significant in this whole HRC situation we find ourselves in today.

Because I was not in touch with my emotions, they were actually running my life.  So, here I was telling my wife I wanted facts, when I was angry as h?ll, and could not even realise it, and that was driving me at the moment.  Go Figure Eh!

What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?  Nothing.  But, it has a lot to do with the cost of discrimination in Canada.

Here is what I learned.  What I feel about anything is my choice.  Two of us look at the same sunset.  I feel great joy at the beauty of God’s creation.  You feel sad that the day is over.  Is one of us wrong?  No, just different.

Two men find a Nazi internet site and read scurrilous drivel denying the holocaust.  One feels that he is discriminated against and files an HRC complaint.  The other feels sadness only, and goes on with his life.

An 8 year old black boy in Grade 5 in Ontario steals $6 from the principal’s desk and confesses to it in writing, and the principal disciplines him with detention in her office.  One parent feels anger that her son has been discriminated against for some reason that defies logic to everyone but her and her local HRC, and so she files a complaint with the HRC.  A similar parent is saddened by the behaviour of her child and disciplines the child at home further to ensure that this behaviour is never repeated again.

A Pastor writes a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate about the Homosexual Agenda in the school system, and one teacher gets angry and holds onto this anger and files a complaint with the Alberta HRC.  EGALE, who has a real dog in the fight if there were to be one reads the letter, dislikes the content, but calmly dismisses it as a right of free speech.

The problem that I have with the cases I have studied is that they are almost all based more on feelings than on hard data, and the HRCs are finding people guilty of hurting other people’s feelings.  Well, here is a fact for you HRC folks out there that I taught my kids even before I knew it myself.    My kids would come to me and say: “She hurt my feelings.”  A very popular thing to say in this day and age, I guess.  My response is and was:  “Nobody can hurt your feelings.  Your feelings are hurt.  You own that.”

Why does it matter if Stephen Boissoin said that the Homosexual Agenda in the school system is wicked?  Certainly not because it hurt Darren Lund’s feelings, or because it might cause somebody to feel hate, because his words can’t make someone feel hate.  Give me a break.

For the last several years, the HRCs have been called the “thought police”.  I think that is a misnomer.  I think they are more elusive than that.  I think they are the “emotion police.”

The day that is

June 29, 2009

I’ve had a long day, and Eow- sorry, Theodensdaughter is away for most of the day – but rest assured, the updates are forthcoming this evening.

But first, a couple of housekeeping announcements. I’ve added Don Sharpe’s blog, Sharpe Stick, [UPDATE: and also friend mbrandon8026’s blog, Freedom Through Truth ] to the blogroll on our sidebar. Furthermore, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who’s been linking to us, lately – particularly to The Binks over at Free Canuckistan.

Finally, upon a good suggestion from my uncle, I’ve decided to actually change the name of this blog, from The Lynch Files, to The Lynch Mob. I’ll be making a note of this in the sidebar, so that visitors who have been directed from a link referring to this blog as the former are aware of the change, of course.

That’s all for now. Thanks to the readers and the commenters, the linkers and the contributors for being so awesome – you make this whole thing worthwhile.